Flat Mouth Filters- 5 pack

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Five of our handmade, flat-mouth laboratory grade glass filter tips.

  • Undisputed highest quality glass of any glass filter tip manufacturer! We use Quartz glass that has a 99.5% SiO2 purity range, while nearly all other manufacturers use cheaper borosilicate usually in the 80% purity range. We've developed proprietary techniques to work with this glass which allows us to provide our product cheaper than our competitors who are using lower quality, cheaper glass. 
  • Enjoy better taste, along with smoother puffs versus paper filters.
  • No more nasty saliva and resin soaked ends that come along with cardboard or paper filters. Not only is this gross, but it also restricts airflow!
  • Our extremely durable filter tips are completely reusable and designed to be far easier to clean vs. the glass tips made by our competitors. (Visit FAQ for cleaning instructions)
  • Reduced tar inhalation
  • Easier hand rolling

Size: 30mm length x 8mm diameter