DankTips Glass Filter Tips

How do I clean my DankTips glass filters? 

Cleaning your used filters has never been easier! If you purchased either of our standard tip designs simply fill a small glass cup 1/4th of the way up with water, place your used filter tip inside, and place the cup in a microwave for approximately 1-2 minutes. The boiling water should remove all resin from the tips, but if any remains, simply soak in isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes, rinse with water, and repeat the original process. For our tornado tip and heady tip designs, we recommend mixing salt and rubbing alcohol into a small ziplock bag or cup, and shaking the tips around until all resin is dislodged.

My DankTips glass filter arrived broken in the mail, will you replace it? 

We stand by our product 100% at DankTips, simply send us a picture of the broken glass filter within 1 week of delivery and we'll send you a replacement free of charge!

Why are your glass filters so much cheaper than other brands? Are they lower quality?

Actually, we have the highest quality glass filters on the market! We are the only company that produces our standard tips using quartz glass. All other companies use cheaper, borosilicate glass. Quartz glass is twice as strong and far more resistant to heat transfer than borosilicate glass. Quartz glass makes our product more expensive to produce, but we still charge a third of the price of many competitors because we believe in customer satisfaction above all else.  

Do you accept returns?

Yes... But only if the glass tips have not been used. Please email us for more details. 

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, but in addition to shipping charges, the customer will also be responsible for any tariffs and import fees. International shipping will usually take 1-4 weeks for delivery, depending on a number of variables.

How do I use my DankTips glass filter?

Simply roll your glass filter into your handrolled cigarettes in place of cotton or cardboard filters along with your choice of herbal smoking blend.

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