Round Mouth Filters- 5 Pack

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Glass Filter Tips

Five of our handmade, laboratory grade glass filter tips.

  • Undisputed highest quality glass of any glass filter tip manufacturer! We use Quartz glass that has a 99.5% SiO2 purity range, while all other manufacturers use cheaper borosilicate usually in the 80% purity range. We've developed proprietary techniques to work with this glass which allows us to provide our product cheaper than our competitors who are using lower quality, cheaper glass. 
  • Tastier flavor and smoother puffs. Toke all the way down to the glass without worrying about your filter burning.
  • Reusable and easy to clean. Because of the extraordinary purity of quartz glass, they are far easier to clean vs the glass tips made by our competitors. (visit FAQ for cleaning instructions)
  • No more nasty saliva soaked ends (which also restrict airflow). No need to worry about getting sticky resin all over your lips and fingers either!
  • Reduced tar inhalation
  • Easier hand rolling (our round-mouth tips also fit in almost any cigarette rolling machine)

Size: 25mm length x 8mm diameter (same size as a standard cotton cigarette filter)

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